Lightning protection

A lightning protection system on a building diverts lightning strikes with an impact risk to Earth is to avoid damage to the building and fire and to protect the people in the building. The establishment of such a lightning protection system may be prescribed by regulatory requirements or special regulations, otherwise it is up to the voluntary decision of the building owner.

A building should have a lightning protection in any case, if

  • it dominates its surroundings clearly
  • flammable materials in the roof were installed
  • explosives are stored or potentially explosive areas are available
  • devices must be specially protected for energy supply
  • it involves computer systems with critical data
  • people and cultural goods are to be specially protected
  • it serves as a refuge shelter.

When lightning strikes without adequate protection, the most common damage to the building itself, televisions and telephone systems are found. Due to the fire damage insurance only in Germany are usually insured by a direct lightning strike, such as fires, explosions and forces. The indirect damage to electrical devices, such as a short circuit and overvoltage must usually be covered by a separate insurance policy.

The planning and installation of lightning protection systems must be carried out by suitably qualified lightning protection. For this we are happy to provide our professionals are available.