Our services in mobile radio

  • Site acquisition, site planning
  • Planning of mobile sites including authorities such as Engineering with AutoCad
  • Outdoor construction and reconstruction of mobile base stations (Civil Works)
  • Microwave equipment including commissioning
  • Indoor construction and reconstruction of mobile systems and fixed network
  • Emergency service radio equipment
  • Coverage measurements of outdoor and indoor, for example GSM900/1800, UMTS, LTE, CDMA and Tetra
  • Dismantling and disposal of mobile equipment indoor and outdoor
  • Maintenance and testing of mobile systems including stability proof and steel construction
  • Acceptances or annual reviews of safety systems to prevent falls (PSA) based on the BGG 906, and according to BGR 198 / BGR 199 (ZH 1/709 and 710
  • Building applications by own building documents

A mast swap with SkyHeli in Berlin on behalf of Deutsche Telekom AG

Indoor mobile radio systems

To be able to use mobile phones in remote corners, such as underground garages, shopping centers office buildings, etc., you need a specially created indoor network, consisting of:

  • repeater
  • Yagi antennas
  • Radiating cable
  • 7/8 "feeder

Here, cellular signals are picked up by related stations, passed to the repeater and introduced into the indoor network. If necessary, several providers can practice purely indoor power be supplied

Microwave equipment including commissioning

The adKor GmbH has been able to build up a wealth of experience and expertise in the networking of wireless base stations. Our technicians are familiar with the installation and commissioning of microwave radio links, especially with the technology from Ericsson. For the measurements on antenna systems, our teams are equipped with the latest meter.